Sunday, November 16, 2008

Well, It's Not Quite Over Yet, Still Clean-Up

When I picked Jay up I was all bundled up in a T-shirt under a cotton turtleneck, then cardigan, scarf and coat. But as soon as we started clearing up and sorting the yard sale stuff, off came the coat. I even took the cardigan off for a while, but I still needed my turtle neck. Bobcat did go out on the screen porch later, and laid out there in the sunshine for a while, but she didn't want to stay out there long, as it wasn't very warm.

We got the front yard cleaned up, and got all the buckets and door slabs that we had used for tables, put up. The RVport still has three 7' tables full of stuff, and 4 long racks of hanging clothes to go through. All the stuff that got sold, but there is still so much here!

Tomorrow we will go to the one charity thrift shop that is open on Mondays to drop stuff off there. It will be back in the 70 degrees then. Like they say " If you don't like TX weather, just wait a while".

We made a quick trip into town to the bank that is open on Sundays in the grocery store. I wanted to get the yard sale money deposited. They asked me to put the change in that machine that counts it. It came up 10c short of the $200 that I had counted out and rolled up last night. I knew that I had counted it right, as I have worked at two major banks, then I found a dime under my desk chair when I got back! So my faith is re-newed in the machine, and me.

Then a lazy Sunday.

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