Sunday, November 2, 2008

Re-making Drapes, and Mindi's Dogs Gone

It was slightly chilly when I woke up at my old usual time. I am not adjusted to the clock change yet. But I used up every minute of that extra hour.

I had to take the dogs out first thing, then skimmed through my emails while drinking my coffee, and got ready for the day. Starting it out with six little breakfasts, (3 dogs, and 3 cats), and getting Sheba's medicine down her. Pour little thing, every time she moves, she starts coughing again.

A couple of the little jobs that Ray and I did yesterday were to fix a table, and one of the book racks that I use for the Yard Sales. I hadn't loaned this table to Kenya for her yard sale, as it won't take a lot of weight, as it is the wallpapering table. Jay had put a new piece of Luann in the channel around the table, but it had gaped and was starting to fall in. Ray and I clamped it back in place, riveted it through the channel and Luann, and added a strut underneath. On the book rack we added the back slats, made out of an old wooden blind, and Plexiglas on the sides, as I was tired of the books falling through.

Sam came up here, and we tried to renew his driver's license on line. It came up with "call Austin, TX" to find out why. Of course they weren't there on the weekend, so I will call tomorrow.

Ray and I were going to hang more drapes in the HiLo, but the one I just made was too short, I should have checked the measurements myself. I will use it on another extra drape that I want to fasten on the inside of the door window. Oh well, "These things are sent to try us", as my grandma used to say. So I spent most of the evening making another one, but longer. If he doesn't pick the HiLo up on Wednesday, I will have some better pictures to re-advertise it with all the drapes in place.

Mindi came and picked up her three dogs, and I was so happy not to be responsible for Sheba for a while. Even after she was gone, I could still hear her coughing ! All in my head.

Another sunny day.

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