Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Be warned. The USA has so much to offer....

“Be warned. The USA has so much to offer that only the foolish would expect to see it all in a single life time.”
The RV Fulltimers have so much to see, and I like to look at the pictures of all the places that I will never visit. Thank you Fulltimers.

Now let me think, what went on today.... I emptied all the trash cans in the workshop and put it in bags in the Puddle Jumper and took it to be picked up down at Jay's, as I had missed ours on Monday. Some things had to be in those expandable, stretchy trash bags, like they used for the piano on the commercial ! So then the puddle Jumper was vacuumed.

We raked up a bunch of pine needles and tree twigs from last night's hard rain, wind, thunder and lightening, and had to start a burn pile all over again. I hate that.
The guy across the street starts up his gas blower early in the morning if he has a pine needle in his yard. Against Property Owner's Rules, before 9.00am! Gee, we are in the country, right next to Sam Houston National Forest which is full of pine needles. I like to keep them raked up, and I am not that fanatic about it, but then I have other things to do.

Jay and I both had some sacks of Ready-Mix cement that were getting old, so he buried them in the ruts that the cars and motor home had made going into the RVport, that might save a twisted ankle during the yard sale.

Jay remembered where he had put my folding clothes racks, and we moved all the pants and jeans on to them, as they are easier to see. The rack they were on, was too high up.

We went into town to get more stuff for Ray to work on the stove top tomorrow, and picked up some Anti-Seize and an Easy-Out while I was at it. You always need them when you don't have them. Then mailed a package at Post Office, and bought some Anti-Freeze for the vehicles. Very rarely that we need it here, but better safe than sorry. We did have a couple of days in the twenties one year, you never know.

This afternoon I spent a lot of time researching a couple of Agave plants that I have, as don't know much about them. I had to find out their high-falutin pedigree name to advertise them, as I don't want them.
Agave parryi var. huachucensis.

Another clean-up day

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