Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jay's Mom in Hospital. More Sorting and Putting Away. Got a Cold.

I picked up Jay at 8.00am. I hadn't slept much last night. I had this tickley feeling behind my nose, and I just knew that I had caught a cold. All this changeable weather, I expect. Also I had gone out in the cold one day, without a headscarf on, and that will do it to me. The draft goes in one ear and out the other, as there is nothing to stop it !! LOL

We unloaded the clothes off the racks, and put a bunch of them in the donation depts., again different items to different charities. We dismantled the racks, and Jay took them up to the storage attic. Some of the clothes were hung up in the attic on a rod up there, as they will be OK for the Spring sale. Many are just too nice not to have one more chance of getting some money back on them, and they will be great items to attract customers.

The last big yard sale table was relieved of it's burdens, folded and put up, a chest of drawers and some tables that are for sale, were stacked on top of each other. The mesh playpen full of what is left of the blankets and comforters that are for sale, were taken upstairs and packed away in big boxes, the playpen folded up, and put up. Thank goodness the wooden playpen got sold. Now all that is left is the tables made out of door slabs on buckets all along the right side of the RVport, and that is where all the donations boxes are right now. Another run into the next town tomorrow.

This morning, Jay's mother was taken to the hospital as she has been in such terrible pain from her gall bladder. They were going to take it out when she had the liver transplant, but they didn't know when that would be. She has to carry one of those beepers to alert her when one will be available. That must be terrible waiting for someone to die, so that you can live.

Little MaeMae was all alone in Jay's mother's house, and she came out of her doggie door whining to come with us, so we brought her up here. She is used to being here, because she was my late DH's dog. She hadn't been groomed for a while, and her hair was getting quite long, poodles don't shed their hair, that is why it has to be cut. So I bathed and groomed her this afternoon. Pepper, the little black kitten, was playing with the cut hair at my feet, and had a great time. Right now, MaeMae is content, fast asleep in my late doggie's bed, under my bed. I don't know if Jay's mother has been able to tend to her, as she was very thirsty and hungry when she arrived. She went straight to the water dish, and then danced and pranced where her food bowl used to be, asking me to feed her. So of course I gave her breakfast and dinner, and dry food to scrunch on. Jay can't be trusted to take care of her, as he might get to drinking in the evening, and MaeMae is terrified of him then, so she stays here when her "Mom" is gone.

The Puddle Jumper and truck could finally be parked in their respective places in the RVport, but the RV can't be brought back in until all the RVport is cleared out..

A sniffling, coughing, sunny day.


Sandra said...

Take care, Penny. Doesn't sound like you took a break today even if you were sick!

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Sandra, but I am not sick, I just have a cold. Thank you for you thoughts. Penny