Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Little Drapes Done. Yard Sale Stuff Sorted.

I finally got the little curtains made for each side of the AC in the HiLo. Gathering the avocado part, and sewing on the white top with a rod pocket takes a while with these old hands. Getting them both the same wasn't easy either. A picture of them open , and then closed. The reason I wanted to make these is that when the AC is on, you can't lower the blind. I also finished the extra one for the door, but it isn't hung yet.

Ray and I went through all the boxes from the other attic, but there wasn't much spoiled from the leak. We spent a couple of hours sorting everything out, and then covered it all with heavy plastic in case it rained, even though it is all in the RVport.

I had to turn the AC on tonight, it is humid, after a lovely sunny day.

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