Monday, November 3, 2008

Gas $2.08. I am a Billboard.

I woke up early again, and got the day going. I called Austin DPS, and found out that Sam has to go into the local office to renew his driver's license. So loaded up some food I had been saving for the ducks and fish at the lake, and drove down the street to tell him.

I did remember to take my camera
with me this time. It must have been the early morning light that made the pictures come out orangy, as when I took another one facing in the other direction, it didn't do it. This is our boat ramp and fishing pier on Lake Conroe.

The new drape that I made last night, fits just fine, and I just have to make another smaller one for the other side of the AC in the HiLo.

Ray washed the Puddle Jumper, my little station wagon, and we stuck a decal on the back window. It says "I love". By being a member of "The Decal Club" I get a free Premier account, normally $10 a month, and I can list a bunch of stuff on there, instead of the Basic, where I could only list 10 items. I sent them the picture, and I am all set to go. I also get a free thumbnail picture on the ad title, and can have four big pictures on the listing. To sell, you must tell.

When we had lowered the HiLo with some of the drapes in there, we noticed that they kind of bunched up. Originally they had been fastened top and bottom, but a lot of the plastic tracks had got old and disintegrated, so we couldn't do that. So I thought that if we had a string of elastic going across near the bottom of the drapes, that would solve that. I went into the next town to Hobby Lobby, and bought some elastic, and avocado ribbon to thread the elastic through. We will see how that works out tomorrow.

Gas sure is going down. Nearly like it used to be. I have an old gas receipt from 2/25/06 when it was $1.98 ! I thought that was going to be something to show my great grand kids in 2010 when gas would probably be $9.98 a gallon !!

So I did this week's trip to the next town, today.

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