Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Third Donation Run.Gas $1.76! Bacon Drainer

We didn't go back to the Conroe to pick up the Puddle Jumper from M & P Alignment yesterday afternoon, so that had to be done today. I called and found out how much the two vehicles were, and Pete, as honest as the day is long, was not charging me for parts that they didn't need. Just the two alignments. That's why I have been going there for so many years. If they had needed anything, he would have told me, not like some places that charge you for all kinds of parts, and labor, that are not needed.

I picked up Jay in the truck, and we loaded his dryer that needs repair, came back here, and loaded more boxes. These boxes had to be taped shut, so that clothes and things wouldn't fly out on the way. Ray, who has a license, Jay and I, all piled in the truck, and Ray drove the Puddle Jumper back home for me. Jay and I dropped off the dryer, and saw Valero gas for $1.76, so I filled up the truck. Then on to St. Mark's Thrift Shop to donate the boxes. They are only open Wed-Sat.

Of course we had to browse while we were there, and I found something I have been wanting for quite a while. The top picture is of a little thing that I have had for years. It clips on the side of a 10" frying pan or pot to keep things drained, or warm, while you are cooking something else in the same pan. It is really supposed to be a bacon drainer, but I hardly ever eat bacon. But I do like to sautee onions, and tomatoes, and they can drain, and keep warm, while I cook something else, like salmon patties, or what ever. I wanted one for the RV, and even posted a picture of it on eBay's "Want It Now".

But this one on the bottom will be better, as it will elimate carrying around a 10" skillet in the RV, which is too big for lil ole me anyway. The pan part of it is only 6-1/2", and even though it is sturdy, and Teflon-coated, it isn't that heavy. The handle is missing, but they let me have a skillet back that I had donated, so I can attach that handle. OK for 50 cents!

After lunch, Jay and I took more packed boxes up to the attic over the store room, and moved more stuff into the donation dept. One more big yard sale table was folded up, and put away.

After 1.00 pm, it was a T-shirt day.

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