Sunday, November 9, 2008

HiLo Gone. Seems I am a Listing Agent!

The HiLo Guy arrived just about on time, at 8.00 AM, and I showed it to him. I was hoping that he wouldn't take it, so that I could return his deposit, as I really could have got a lot more for it. He said it was in a lot better condition than he expected, that it was really nice. I showed him that the fridge was working, and all the original manuals for everything. I put a sewer hose in the square bumper for him, and showed him where the lever is to raise and lower the top of the trailer.

I had the truck and the motor home parked in front of it, because of the yard sale, so I had to crank them up and drive them out of the way. There was one hitch, the power jack suddenly stopped working, and we couldn't get the trailer on the ball of his SUV. I crawled into the HiLo with it in the lowered position and tried to plug in the converter, but I knew that the new battery was charged up, as I had just unplugged the trailer. As it is such a tight fit to have the converter plugged in whilst lowering it, I had unplugged it. As I couldn't plug it back into the outlet in the trailer easily, with it lowered, I ran a cord from the house and plugged the converter into the cord. Still nothing on the power jack, never had a problem with it before. I found out it was an in-line fuse, so I had to get back up into the MH and get one from my stash that I carry in there. I just keep the new U-type fuses for the car and truck, all the old glass kind of fuses I keep in the MH, as it uses them. It blew again, so I put another one in, and got it done. I was pretty frazzled by this time, all that getting in and out of vehicles. I don't know why, but the whole thing left me feeling very antsy and on edge all day.

Jay wanted me to take him to the lake with some fish and duck food, plus he had some vacuums he wanted to put in the yard sale. I wanted to see how his mother is anyway, so I went down there. She had been back in hospital, and they can't find out why her liver is hurting her so much. I hope she can get a transplant soon, as she is in misery. I took this, there are a couple of boats out there, fishing I expect.

Jay really wanted to get out of the house for a while and wanted to go to Willis with me. The bank doesn't open until 11.00 AM on Sundays, so we tidied up the yard while we were waiting. We moved most of the loaded tables into the RVport, and put the tarps back over them. It won't take too long to get it going again next weekend.

I took Jay home when we got back from town, and I stopped at Sam's place to see it he wanted me to take him to the driver's license place tomorrow. Oh! Was Mikey, Sam's poodle, pleased to see me, I don't think that Sam is always that nice to him. Mikey knows the sound of my little Puddle Jumper car, and he is always there at Sam's gate looking for me when I drive by, hoping that I am going to bring him back to my place. Anyway, Sam said that he found out that they will not renew his license. He managed to get his Explorer insured, through someone he knows, but that's it. So now he wants to sell the van.

I listed it on some local sites for him, and emailed some folks that had shown an interest in it. That is the least I can do. I would not have sold it to him if I had known that his license had expired, and couldn't be renewed. He even has a boat that he tows behind the Explorer, so how was I to know ?

I had just got home from Sam's, and I still had groceries in the car when another neighbor drives up. He wanted to know if I would sell this enormous keyboard piano thing in my yard sale, or online. It is nearly as wide as the bed of his full size pick-up. I took some pictures, and said that I didn't want to be responsible for it, and asked him to keep it at his house. I wrote down the brand and model, Radio Shack MD 1700, and that it had 232 Tones, 130 Rhythms, 10 BPS, whatever all that means. I have never had one, don't need one, so I don't know anything about them. I emailed Radio Shack about a manual, as Rocky didn't have one, and I listed it on some local sites, too. Gee, I am becoming the subdivision's listing agent!

Not hot, not cold, another nice sunny day.

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