Saturday, November 1, 2008

Poor Sam. It Could Happen To You.

I went to the bank to cash Sam's check for the Little Van, and went down my street to his place to give him the title. It is such a shame. He had a stroke some time back, and is difficult to understand him, but he manages to get things across to me. That is why I groom his dog, Mikey, keep Revolution on Mikey, and try to do other things for him. Like getting his cats their shots and neutered. He was one of the folks who got a tree through their roof, and because he couldn't make himself understood, he didn't have insurance on his trailer. He can drive, take care of himself, and do things like fixing his plumbing, he just loses some of his words, so he points to things, so that you can prompt him. That doesn't work too well on a phone.

I called the insurance co. that he has for his Ford Explorer, to tell them to add the van, and they want him to drive all the way to the other end of Houston to do it. Then I found out that his driver's license had expired. He said that when he went to re-new it, they couldn't understand him, and he said they laughed at him. I called my insurance co. and they might be able to help him. First I am going to take him to the driver's license place on Monday, or try to do it online. Don't take your faculties for granted, and be tolerant of those who don't have them all. .... It could happen to you.

It has been back to shorts and tank tops, as this cold spell is over. The daytime breezes are great with the windows open, but we have to run the ACs at night.

Ray and I did a few odd jobs around here, and got some more stuff down from the other attic. I was kept busy making a couple of little drapes to go over the HiLo back window for when the blind is up and the AC is running. The little Sheba takes up a bit of time, as I watch her so closely. Getting some of her medicines down her is fine, but she is crafty, and as soon as you turn your back she spits out the red liquid. So I go armed with a big red towel, as she gets that red medicine all over her face and neck. At least her appetite is good. Her collapsed trachea causes her to cough a lot, and her little ribs must be so sore. The dogs were supposed to be picked up tonight, but they got back late, and they will pick them up in the morning. I always worry about little old Sheba, and I will be glad when she is back with her 'Mom", as I don't want anything to happen to her on my "watch".

I turned my 'world clock' off Pacific time back to Central, as they will change the clocks tonight. At least one clock will be right when I wake up.

A leisurely, but busy day.

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Jim and Dee said...

I just caught up on the whole weeks blogs. I'm tired and all I've done is read all you do. I'm so glad you're so busy, keeps you young. See you in chat.