Sunday, November 30, 2008

Chilly, Blustery Day. External Hard Drive

I didn't even open the patio door to the screen porch to let Bobcat out this morning, it just looked too chilly. MaeMae just ran quickly part way up the pathway to do her thing, as the north wind was blowing in the back yard.

I had some food that I wanted to give the ducks and catfish at the lake, so I took MaeMae with me so that she could run around the field at the lake. I had a container of watermelon that Jay had left here a few days ago, and he knows my hands won't open that brand of container, so I stopped there to get him to open it for me. He wanted to keep MaeMae for the few minutes that it would take for me to go to the lake and back, so she got some play time with him. She absolutely adores him as he feeds her people food. The minnows at the boat dock were waiting for me, and they enjoyed the watermelon and scraps. Part of the food chain, as I guess the catfish and ducks will eat the minnows.

The rest of the day it just got windier and chiller, so we just stayed indoors and I researched some more things on the computer. I wanted to buy an external hard drive, as I thought that would be the best way to store the pictures that I have on AOL's Picture Storage, which is closing down. My pictures were transferred to the site that AOL recommends, American Greeting's Photoworks, but if it is like Picasa, I can only see them on this computer and not the laptop, too. With AOL Picture Storage I could see them on either one. So, in my feeble computer illiterate mind, I thought that would be one way to see them on either computer. I hope I am right, and that I can figure out how to work it.

A quiet day.

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