Friday, November 14, 2008

A Steady, Busy Yard Sale Day

I drove the truck down to Jay's before 7.30 am. He loaded his sawhorses, plywood, and more stuff on it, and we got it set up at my place. He was in charge of his own stuff, as I had enough to do getting the rest of my tables all ready.

Jay was peeved because he thought that his stuff was what people wanted, and hardly sold a thing. I had a lot of little cheaper "junque", and did a lot better, as mine is really priced to move.

Ray helped me move some more of my loaded tables out in front of the RVport, and he finished the stove-top, so that is done.

It was perfect T-shirt weather, a bit cloudy, but not hot or cold.
Tomorrow, it starts all over again, but it will be a colder, windier day.

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