Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pugsy, Class A. Raked Some More.

It was chilly again this morning, when I went to get Jay. I bundled up in a scarf, coat over a cardigan, over a T-shirt. Optimistically I had a tank top under all that, hoping that it would get that warm, but it didn't.

One of the first things we did was to get out a jack and straighten the front bumper on the front of "Pugsy". Pugsy is a 1968 19' Venture, made in Banning CA, molded fiberglass Class A that I have owned for years and years. Being molded fiberglass it has stood the test of time, and doesn't suffer from roof leaks, like most RV's, which is what usually 'kills' them. It has a side door, and a rear door, and a wheelchair can turn around inside, the aisle is so wide. My son borrowed it for an extra bedroom, and I only just got it back. The bumper is on an adjustable vertical slide, I don't know why. We had to jack up the bumper to get it straight, and then tighten up the bolts. That meant getting out the 'big guns'= the half-inch drive deep sockets, ratchet and a cheater pipe. Now it doesn't look lopsided any more, so I need to take a new picture !! It has more cabinets, closets and drawers than you can ever imagine in 19'. I will take pictures of the inside, too. I won't drive it, as it doesn't have a driver's door, so I need to sell it next. It runs like a scalded cat with an Industrial Wide Block 318 V8 in it. I have had the transmission and brakes rebuilt.

We also sprayed the motor on the Puddle Jumper with engine cleaner, so that the mechanic might be able to find the water leak easier.

We strung all the hoses out to the burn pile and set it alight, and raked up most of the pine needles on that lot, too.

My cold is making me short of breath, and I can't do much today.

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