Friday, November 7, 2008

Got Boxes Unpacked. Now I am Committed.

Now that the HiLo is done, I can concentrate on my next endeavour. The Yard Sale. The weather is forecast to be sunny and mild, no rain.

Ray and I unpacked the rest of the boxes on to the makeshift tables we had made out of door slabs, plywood, on buckets, milk crates, or anything else we could find. It was sorted out, hung up, and all the empty boxes are stored in the storeroom.

We covered the "tables" with tarps as in the "Closed " mode, and each went to have a late lunch, while I thought about it. I didn't know if I was up to having it this week. I am so used to having a three day yard sale, as once it gets it all set up, I might as well sell as much as I can.

Kenya called to say that she was bringing back my ten yard sales tables. Then I realized that today is Friday so I really only had one day of yard sale, tomorrow Saturday. I knew I could handle one day, so I advertised it locally, and I am now committed. Ray went with me to put out the signs as at a most of the places the sign posts have to be pounded into the ground with a mall, and I didn't think my old injured wrist could handle that today. It is illegal to fasten signs to telephone poles, and injurious to trees to put screws or nails in them.

I hope tomorrow will be a busy day.

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