Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Another Class A, Airstream 36' Landyacht.

Today, even though it wasn't really cold, I couldn't get warm.

I didn't do much except research stuff on the computer, and normal everyday tasks. Like feeding the animals, and me and cleaning up the house.

Little Sheba, Mindi's very old little poodle with the collapsed trachea will be here tomorrow, and I hate to hear her coughing all the time. I can still hear her coughing after she has gone home! I thought I might find out how to relieve her a little bit. I feel so sorry for the little thing.

I was asked about the Class A Airstream that I had. It had been a mobile X-ray unit, and even though the front was left intact and used as a waiting room, the rear bedroom had been gutted and made into the exam room. The shower had been made into an other vanity, so that the staff would have a separate place to wash their hands, away from the regular toilet and vanity. When they took all their equipment out to sell it, they really marred up the oak floor.

Because of the way it had been made originally, I could see that it had been a twin bed arrangement by the way the tanks, water pump, etc. were laid out, so I had to go back with that. This is what we did to the bedroom, but we also made it so that the twin beds could be made into one king size bed. We added a computer desk at the foot of one bed, and a chest of drawers at the foot of the other.

We tore out the extra vanity that they had installed, and I bought a shower pan the right size, shower surround and a concertina shower door, gold faucets to match the other part of the bathroom across the aisle, and made it made back into a shower.

The outside was covered in purple vinyl, with a bit of white, and the rose swooping graphics in the front. There were letters all
over it advertising their clinic, and this was the best we could do with the outside. The whole back part was purple with white writing, but we managed to steam most of that off, and at least make it mostly white.

We refinished the oak floors and changed all the drawer pulls and closet handles to match. Put a door on one of the closets, and quite a few other things.

I had it down at a consignment place for sale, and it got broken into down there and the AM/FM/CD was ripped out of the dash, and someone had hit a building with the top of it, and it started leaking.

We had to bring it home, really clean it up, and work on the bedroom all over again. Eventually just traded it for two vehicles, as the Property Owner's Assoc. doesn't really allow RV's to be parked here, unless they are on a separate lot.

The guy that got it, turned it around in the cul-de-sac at the front of my third lot, when I had already told him that I would lead him around the streets to get that big thing turned around, as there wasn't room in that cul-de-sac. Silly sod, he got it really hung up on someone's culvert, and I had to call Good Sam ERS to bring out a big wrecker to get the front end out of the culvert.

A reminiscing day.

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