Saturday, November 29, 2008

Big Contrasts from Thursday in Town

It was almost 60° on the screen porch at 6.00 this morning, I let Bobbiecat out there, but left the patio door open so that she could change her mind. I hadn't looked at the forecast but
I knew that I would have to make my weekly trip into the next town.

The stores that I needed to go don't open early, so I just did a few odd jobs before I left. I brought Bobcat in so that I could lock that patio door, and made sure that MaeMae went out for a last call. I couldn't get what I wanted when I was in town on Thursday as everywhere was closed for Thanksgiving.

I couldn't believe the difference as I was driving down the freeway. Last Thursday all the mall parking lots were empty. I pass three on the way. There was plenty of space to park in front of stores everywhere in town, but today the whole town, and freeway, teemed with traffic. Some drivers were acting really crazy and racing along weaving in and out of the traffic. One just absolutely ran right across in front of me through a red light. I guess it will get worse before Christmas, with more Christmas 'spirits'.

Jay's mother is going to stay in Houston at her daughter's house so that she will be closer when they beep her that they have a liver for her. She is getting weaker and there might not be anyone around to drive her into Houston when the time comes. So that meant that I had to be prepared to take care of MaeMae for a while.

I went to a pet store and bought her some really good dry food, "Royal Canin for Mini Dogs over 8 years old". She is 5 lb. and 11 years old. Bobcat is doing so well on the "Royal Canin Cat Food for Cats over 10 Years", and has had no more digestive disturbances since she has been on it, so I am trying it on MaeMae. I had bought her some really good canned food the other day, and she likes it, but she needs to have some dry to scrunch on, just like Bobcat, and the foster cats. It is good for their teeth. They all have a little canned food morning and night. Mostly just to show them that I care.

A stop at Lowes to get some tiny dowel for a little bamboo stool that needs fixing. At first it looked like it was just going to be simple job of stapling the bamboo strips back on, until I looked at it. I saw several things there that I was tempted to buy, but restrained myself. One thing that intrigued me was that ShopVac had come out with an upright. But I have an upright for the house, and a commercial upright Hoover for the workshop, plus all the other ShopVacs, and the Shark, so I didn't need it. Though it was very light, only 7 lb. and would have been easier for me to use than the Commercial Hoover that I have for the workshop rubber backed mats.

It got colder as the day progressed, and I had to run the heater on the way home. The windshield was misting up with such a very light drizzle that it didn't even need wipers. By the time I got home it was downright chilly, and then started raining. It had been so nice the last few days having the house windows open, but I had to turn the heat on again.

Then I watched "Change Your Brain, Change Your Life" on PBS. That was interesting. You are what you eat ! And what you do ! I must remember to drink more water that hasn't been run through the coffee maker.

Just a shopping day.

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