Saturday, November 15, 2008

Oh, Well. That's Over Till Spring

I picked Jay up, we untarped the yard sale tables, and folks came alookin' early.

It was a nice day, but chillier, than yesterday. Didn't get over 60 deg. Bobcat wanted to stay warm in my bedroom, and was only on the screen porch for a short while.

We had some high winds during the night, but all the tarps stayed put. Just a steady stream of folks all day. You never know what they will buy.
Thank goodness I won't have to contend with the old wooden playpen, and the big jogging stroller any more. They went to new homes.

I sold a lot of comforters but strangely, no blankets. As always, there is a bunch of stuff left over, so I started sorting it out into boxes to go to the different charities. Each charity has things that they seem to specialize in.

At about 3.00PM Jay and I put the tarps back over everything as it was getting colder, and folks had stopped coming. They wanted to get home before it got cold.
It is supposed to go down into the mid 30's tonight. We quickly drove the rounds of the surrounding streets, picked up all the yard sale signs. When we got back we carried the loaded tables back into the RVport, condensing the contents as we went, so we could fold up some of the tables.

Tomorrow will be a packing up day.

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