Thursday, November 6, 2008

Two little Jobs Took Ages

Early this morning the TV said we could get some heavy rain later, so I shelved the laying out of the yard sale stuff, until we had two small jobs done. It did eventually drizzle a little bit, but not enough to do the grass and plants any good. I never did get to the yard sale stuff, the small jobs ballooned into bigger ones.

First thing I was on to Computer Live Chat for help with this machine, and that took forever, but I think some of my computer issues are resolved. So much easier if you have been raised around these technical things. As you can see, even my digital camera gets the better of me, and don't even get me started on my new camera cell phone !

I was trying to get Snack's House turned upside down. Every time she used her box, litter would scatter in her water dish, so I wanted to put a hanging dish in there, so that couldn't happen. But the carrier would have to be upside down to do that. By the time Ray was here, and I had dug her out of there, she loves her house, and she had run to her other hiding place. Here she thinks she is hiding, if we hadn't put that board up the other day, she would be behind this furniture instead of in it.
As the carrier was going to be upside down, it meant the door would swing the wrong way, so that meant taking it apart. The carrier is now in the middle room, which is much more convenient, up on something and against the wall, so the swing of the door is important. But the carrier's screws had rusted to the wing nuts. We wrestled with it for a while, then sprayed them with penetrating oil and went outside to our next job while the oil did it's thing.

This is the curtain that I thought should be on the door, even though there are some on the inside, each side of the door. The tie-backs' color doesn't look right in the picture, but they are made of the original HiLo's 40 year old avocado floral fabric, and it does match in real life. Then we encountered more frustrations. We decided to install the tie backs with snappers, and getting everything the right way around, the right length, the flowers the right way up, and finding parts to snappers that fit, took us a while. The HiLo is finally done.

So, back to Snack's House. The oil had done it's job, so we got it all apart, turned the door around, and put it back together, this time with "anti-seize". Snack couldn't wait to get in there. The carrier's door is open during the day, sometimes she just goes to her alternate hiding place, and Pepper tries to play with her. But I have to keep the little bathroom door closed, as I think Snack was kept in a bathroom, as her favorite place is behind the toilet. She isn't a sociable cat, but she sure loves to be petted and held, but you have to go to her, she won't come to you.

As she has to get used to it, Pepper got her nails tipped today.

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