Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just Getting Ready For Yard Sale

Another nice sunny day, but we will be putting away our tank tops and shorts again on Saturday. It is supposed to go down to 34 deg. on Saturday night. Then it will warm up to the 70's again.

Ray got on a step ladder and got the criss-cross of Ike tape off one of my bathroom windows. I was able to reach all the rest of it a long time ago.
Then he worked on the stove-top, in between helping me move the loaded tables back out of the RVport. A whole bunch of different stuff to sell, as well as some of the old stuff, this weekend. Starting it on a Friday makes a big difference, as that seems to be the busiest day for yard sales. On Saturdays everyone is running around doing things with their families, but last Saturday's sale wasn't too bad. I can only have 2 a year, and this is it, until next Spring.

Jay was cleaning out his mother's shed that had a tree fall on it during Ike, so we have brought two Puddle Jumper loads of stuff to put in the sale. He will have to bring his own saw horses and plywood for his stuff, my tables are all full.

We just put out the signs along the roads coming to this area,
so I hope tomorrow will be a busy day.

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