Monday, November 24, 2008

Roofs Cleaned, Yard raked.

Just everyday stuff on a sunny warm day.
Bobcat spent a lot of time on her screen porch basking in the sunshine.
When I went just the mile to pick up Jay, the car steamed again. Jim hasn't looked at it yet.
Jay got up on the roofs, blew the pine needles off, and we raked them all up.
It was a bit breezy, so not safe to burn them.
I was 'nummy' for meatloaf, so I made one tonight, and baked a potato while the oven was on.
MaeMae is still here, her "mom" is out of the hospital, but still not well enough to drive back up here, so she is staying with her daughter in Houston.
Snack, the gray cat, and Pepper, the little black kitten, are still here, too.
I am still here, too, though maybe not all 'here', as I still have my cold today.

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