Tuesday, November 4, 2008

FD Halloween. Ins. People came.

Here are some of the Halloween pictures from my son in law's Fire Dept party. First, my grandson as bloody Dr. and my son in law as patient. Second, my SIL's rear view, and my daughter as a nurse. I guess a good time was had by all !!

Ray and I worked a bit more on getting the curtain rods installed in the HiLo. We also got the yard sales signs down, but I still don't know if I am up to having it this weekend. It was a good thing that we had brought the yard sale stuff down from the other attic, as I discovered that roof had leaked during Ike, too, so I need to go through all the boxes. Unfortunately, I had a 4'x8' sheet of birch veneer that I had bought to put on a wall in Pugsy, underneath the boxes, and now it is moldy and ruined. That was the one place where I knew I could keep it flat, dry, undisturbed, and unharmed, I thought. Pugsy is my vintage motor home.

The insurance folk came to look at my Ike damage. I had kept the broken turbine that flew off the roof for them to see. They got up there and took pictures of where we repaired the roof. They took pictures of the damaged sheetrock and carpet in my bedroom, then some of the insulation in my attic. Then more of the other attic over the apartment. They said that I should make a list of everything that was damaged, and I have up to two years to make a claim on that stuff. I was just going through those boxes when they arrived.

The HiLo Guy is now coming early Sunday, because of traffic, so I had a bit more of a reprieve, but I wanted to get it done, so I have been sewing the extra drapes for the HiLo today. They are all done. I think the one for the door will be too full, and get in the way, so I haven't hemmed one side, in case I have to make it narrower. Now, I just have to make some tie-backs !!

I saw some of those cutting mats and roller cutters when I was at Hobby Lobby, and I remembered that I had bought a cutter at a thrift shop. I found it in my sewing drawer with the 25 cent label still on it. Gee, I wish I had thought of that sooner. As long as I can keep the material straight, I can just run that roller cutter down my yard stick, and make a straight cut. But I like my old way, I fold the fabric where it needs to be cut, pin it to the recliner, hold it taut, and cut along the fold with my scissors. Works for me !

Jim the mechanic aired up the inside duals on the TransStar. You have to take the outside wheels off to get to them. I had bought some extenders but they didn't fit. I just need to take it somewhere and have 6 new tires put on it, with metal stems and extenders.

No AC needed again, a really nice sunny day.
(But the election results might put a cloud on that.)

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