Saturday, November 22, 2008

RVport Finally Cleaned Out.

It started out in the windy 40's, and several of layers of clothes were in order. I couldn't keep warm, even in the house, wrapped up in turtleneck and cardigan, and then I felt like there were goosebumps of cold all over me, I guess that is the effect of this head cold.

I spent the morning doing some odd jobs, cleaning, laundry, searching the web for the 'perfect' RV, answering emails, etc. It was too dreary and cold to work outside.

After lunch, with the sun shining it had warmed up into the 50's, so Ray and I tackled the RVport. We got all the door slabs, buckets, and yard sale boxes put away, and got the RVport ready for the motor home to come back in.

With finding the gas cap off it and thrown on the ground the other day, we looked for signs of sugar, or something, having been put in the gas tank. No signs. I still haven't climbed up in it, and turned on the ignition to see how much gas is missing.

Maybe it won't be so upsetting, if I do it on a nice, sunny, warm day.

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