Friday, November 21, 2008

More Donated. Lunch at Sams.Locked Out of Car. Eeek, a Mouse.

Just another chilly day, it didn't even crawl out of the 60 degrees, today. Bobcat went out on the screen porch this afternoon as the sun was shining in there, but she didn't want to stay out there long.

I picked up Jay at 8.00am. He had an appointment at the beauty school to get his hair cut at 10.30. His son is coming from Houston to pick him up for a weekend visit. His mother is still in the hospital, and MaeMae is still here.

Ray came over and asked if I had some Great Stuff, (expanding foam insulation in a can) as he had found a place behind his toilet where a mouse had got in the guest house. His cat had it corralled in a closet. I found a mouse trap, loaded it with peanut butter, and we snuck it in the closet. Jay and I loaded the Puddle Jumper and took off.

We stopped at WalMart to get some Great Stuff, and I bought a humane mousetrap, the kind that catches it unharmed, and then you can take the mouse and re-locate it. Catch and Release, but in a different location! I bought a wax ring, too, in case we had to pull the commode to fix the gap, as it is in a very tight space.

We had lunch courtesy of Sam's Club, next to WalMart. They had a bunch of demos there today. Beef, shrimp. salmon, cheesecake, etc., just a lot of lovely samples.

As it was still in the 40's when we got on the freeway to go to the next town, I had the heater on, first time this year. When we got off at our next exit, after stopping at WalMart, and Sam's, the car had steam coming out from under the hood. I pulled into a gas station, but they had no hose, so we had to use three vases that were going to be donated, to put water in the car. We filled them up and went on to the beauty school very carefully, so as not to spill them.

While Jay was getting his haircut, I went into the Goodwill Store close by to see if I could buy something with a lid for carrying water. They said they had a little jug without a lid, and I could use to put water in, but they had to have it back. There are no grocery stores in that area, so I couldn't just go buy gallon water bottles. I usually carry 1/2 gallon jug of water in any car, but with all the milling around lately, someone must have thrown it away. A gal from the Goodwill, and a guy from the beauty school both perused under my hood and seemed to think it was the thermostat sticking. The guy said, "Well, it is chilly come on in the school, and wait there", and locked, and closed my driver's door. The keys were in the ignition, as I had started it up to put water in the hot car, to make it circulate and get everywhere.

I spent over 20 minutes on hold to Good Sam ERS on my cell phone. By the time I got a people instead of a recording on the phone, Jay had borrowed a metal hanger, got it in a partially open window, and rolled the window down enough to unlock a door.

Jay kept his knee against the three vases of water wedged against the inside of the car as I gently drove to drop off our donations at the Assistance League and Angelica. We did add some more water at one stop. I had turned the heater off, as I thought it was something to do with that. The car didn't steam again, maybe because it was a leaking heater hose or maybe because we left the radiator cap loose so as not to let the water system be under pressure. We got the car back up the freeway and home, the mechanic can check it tomorrow.

Steaming on a chilly day.

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