Monday, November 17, 2008

First Charity Thrift Shop Run

It was chilly, but not cold when I picked up Jay. But too cold to let Bobcat out on the porch, until the afternoon.

We loaded up the Puddle Jumper, (little station wagon) and packed it to the gills, and off we went to the Angelic Thrift Shop to donate our load there, when they opened at 10.00 am.

Then to Lowes, to buy some door seals, and plumbing parts. Of course they are at different ends of the store. Off to Walmart for quite a list of stuff. I just can't find anything since they re-organised, so I am always at the wrong end of the store for what I need, and have to go back looking for where they have moved that dept.

I still have folks coming to buy stuff they had seen during the yard sale.

I walked a lot of miles today.

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