Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day. Odd Jobs, Mostly Vacuums.

A lady with a dog, Benji, that I haven't groomed for a while, had called me last week about getting him groomed. She was supposed to arrive at 8.30 today, so I picked Jay up at 8.00am, as he wanted something to do. He knows there are lists of stuff to do here, held up by magnets on the fridge.

Jay and I were moving the big work table that Kenya had borrowed, back out into the yard outside the side door of workshop, when he noticed a gas cap laying on the ground behind the TransStar motor home. Yup, it was from it. I assume someone syphoned gas out. I haven't turned on the ignition yet to see how much. I didn't need to be enervated today, grooming some dogs does that to me enough.

We needed that work table back in it's place, as yesterday we had made a template for cutting up the big boxes that cat litter comes in, into triangular tubes for shipping the aloe. It hurts my wrist to do that much cutting with a utility knife, so Jay cut out several of different sizes for the various lengths of aloe that I sell.

Benji's "mom" didn't show up, and Ray did, so we all got busy with different things. Ray was working on a camper stove top in front of the workshop. Jay dug up and re-set the landscape timbers that border the walkway down the side of the house to the dog's back yard. All that rain and turmoil from Ike had made a couple of them lift up above the level of the walkway. All I needed was to stub my hurt foot, or any foot, on them.

I checked out the upright Bissell vacuum cleaner Jay had brought for me to sell in the yard sale. Found out it needed a belt and a bag, which I had in my vacuum parts dept. Jay tried it out in my house, and I think I like it better than my Panasonic. I vacuumed the workshop with my Commercial Upright Hoover that we keep in there for the big rubber-backed mats in there, like the mats they use at the stores. Then I cleaned and oiled it. Two shop vacs had been brought to sell, too, so I cleaned them and tried them out. I don't need any more shop vacs. We have two in the workshop, one for wet and one for dry, and then another in the grooming room. For little jobs, like computers, I have a little handheld Shark with a special attachment for sucking crumbs out of keyboards. I wonder how they get there ?

Every now and then I would help Ray carry the smaller heavy work table that he was working on, back into the workshop, as it would start raining. He was using chemicals on the stove and so we had the big garage doors open for ventilation. As soon as it would stop, we'd carry it back outside again. Then the rain got really bad, so we closed the big door, and Ray and I put up a florescent light over the vice on the work bench. I hadn't been able to find new halogen bulbs for the one that was there. As I said, just odd jobs today.

When I took Jay home, it was pouring, and it did that for the rest of the day.

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