Sunday, August 31, 2008

Just Cleaning and Calculating.

My barometer has moved ever so slightly towards the "stormy" setting. I guess it knows that we will have storms from Hurricane Gustav.

I picked Jay up at 9.00 am., but we didn't get anything done outside today. My back was still hurting from yesterday, and Jay didn't feel like getting on the roof again today.
He helped me vacuum in the house, vacuumed the floor and some cobwebs that were in the workshop. He changed out the sheers in the living room, so that I could wash them, as I am not supposed to get on step ladders when I am on my own. Then he cleaned up some spots on the carpet with the little steam cleaner, as he had caused them, then I took him home.

This afternoon I spent a lot of time emailing back and forth with a lady wanting to buy a lot of my very large aloe plants. That is fine by me, as they take up a lot of room on the porch. She had got in touch with me through eBay's Message Center, and it is against eBay rules to sell things off eBay if the buyer found out about them through an eBay listing. It might have been someone trying to trick me into doing something not "comme il faut". ("As it should be" in French)
I had to figure out the best and cheapest way, to send them. So that meant knowing how much they weigh, her zipcode, what size box they would be in, and figuring it all out on the USPS postage calculator. These are big, 28+" tall, spread out plants, so they can't be stuffed in a little shipping tube, as the fat juicy leaves would break. When the plants are that mature, and full of gel, they are very fragile. Oversize boxes cost more to ship. In the end I got tired of fooling with her, and as I had it all figured out, I listed them on eBay. If she wants them she can bid on them.

A hot muggy day.

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