Thursday, August 14, 2008

War Ended 1945. Other Side of the Class B.

Today 63 years ago WWII ended. I remember it well, even though I was just a school girl. I didn't really know what it meant, as all I knew was war. But I was told that peace would mean no more bombs being dropped on London. No more having to take shelter when the sirens went off. No more sirens to wake you up in the night. No more seeing which of your school pals had been killed in the night. No more wondering if I would ever see a banana again. And no more rationing. Well, that took years for that to happen. And most of all I could see my father again, home from the RAF, and live with him. That didn't happen for a long time either, and then it was only for three years in Paris. I was going learn what peace time is. Please pray for our troops in this new war.

I picked up Jay again this morning. I knew that Ray would be here, too, and I was hoping that Ray and I could get the other side of the striping done on the Class B, while Jay worked on the RVport roof.

Jay cut off the sleeves, and cut a big V in the neck of one of the T-shirts he had bought yesterday, and wanted me to hem it for him while we were waiting for Ray to get here. Well, my sewing machine was still strung with burgundy from making the Class B drapes. So I filled a bobbin with white, and restrung the machine. I tried to sew the T-shirt, but the belt on my old machine, my favourite, had stretched and it wasn't going to work today. We got out the newer machine out, but I knew it would have to be oiled as it hadn't been used for a while. But Ray arrived, so that had to be shelved.

Jay spent a long time with my seam ripper undoing the Aztak pattern pillow sham he had bought yesterday, while I taped up the Class B and Ray painted it.

Here it is, all done.

Jay mowed the yard. He had wanted to do it earlier this morning, but he couldn't understand that it is not good to mow it when it is wet from dew, or maybe it was a very early morning rain. Anyway it was damp until 11.45 AM.

It was getting too late, and hot, to start on the RVport roof. So I took Jay home.

Maybe we will get it done, tomorrow is another day.

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