Sunday, August 24, 2008

Everything Sells, Eventually !

I picked up Jay this morning. I had a nice surprise when I checked my email this morning. A lady answered my ad about this 5 tinted glass shelf unit. I have had that advertised for a couple of years on our local 'Yardsales' site. I can advertise 10 items at a time for free. No one had even emailed about it before, let alone looked at it. It had to be brought down from the attic, and cleaned up, and put together.

Fortunately I knew where all the parts and glass shelves were stored, so while I was cleaning them, Jay went up on the roof and fixed the gutter over the workshop. The rain had been pouring on us as we went in and out of the door, dripping down our necks, for a couple of years now. He was in one of his "Well it is better than it was" moods, which he gets into when he is in a hurry to drink. I hate that, I want it done right.

He slapped the shelf unit together in the carport, and it looked all loppity, as he hadn't fitted the cross pieces in right, so I took him home. You can't buy beer until noon on a Sunday, so he must have had some stashed already.

I got Ray to help me get it on level floor in the storage area, and he painstakingly re-adjusted the screws, leveled it with the adjustable feet. They came and wanted it right away, and didn't even bargain with me. My kind of folks !! She has a beauty shop and wanted it to display goods for sale. I am so glad to have that gone.

It is nice to see that big space in my yard where the Class B used to be, too.

A good day.

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