Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hurricane Eduard and Knick Knack Day

There was no use cleaning up the yard as Eduard's remnants were supposed to make their appearance this far north today. It rained, but not like it had the other day, so Ray and I just got some indoor 'catch-up jobs' done. We didn't know if we would get another torrent of rain or not. We didn't, it was nothing like the other day.

We had wanted to hang a fan in the workshop for quite a while, so that we could pull the air through there on the days that we are working in there. It was always in the way if it was on one of the work tables. So we hung it up on a cross beam with some chain. We took the front off the fan and drilled holes in the top, and attached a chain at each end with nuts, bolts, and lock washers. Then screwed it to beam. It works great.

There is a shop light on that beam also, and we fiddled with it for quite a while, as it quit working. There is power going to it, we checked that, but the ballast must have gone out. This light was just replaced 6 months ago. I guess I will have to take it back.

Next job was to clear some of the things off the work bench where the vice is. They were all things that needing fixing, some, like heaters, were put up for another day, and some were finally fixed, or thrown out. But the main thing was that we finally got a light installed over that work bench. Now we don't have to use a clamp light !

It was getting hot and humid by then, so Ray did some caulking in my bathroom. About a year ago, Jay and I had to take up my toilet where the contractors had not re-installed my toilet properly. We had to replace the flange and the floor around it, it had been leaking under the linoleum and I didn't know it. We had carefully pried off the quarter round and peeled back the linoleum, sliding a strip of thin metal under the lino to loosen it from the mastic, rolling the lino on a piece of 4" pipe so it wouldn't get crimped. After we had repaired the floor, we re-glued the lino, and nailed the quarter round back on, but it still needed caulking to make it look neat, so as that is Ray's forte, we got caught up on that job. Now I won't have to look at those cracks.

A hot humid knick knack day.

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