Friday, August 15, 2008

RV to the Rescue to fix RVport Roof

We didn't get started until about 9.30 am, but it was clear that the old TranStar motor home would be needed to help with replacing the one bad band-board on the RVport roof. I backed the TranStar up where it would be a good position for Ray to sit on top of it, while he held a flat bar over the new board we put up there the other day, and hold up the rotten board, while Jay unscrewed it from the posts. We had jammed a 4x4 diagonally to hold up that end of the pergula, and screwed it in place at the top, so that it couldn't fall on us, and put a lag bolt in the deck to stop it from kicking out at the bottom. Jay had to go on top of the roof to unscrew the gutters off the old band board, while Jay sat on the roof of the TranStar. This was a lot better than him teeter tottering on a ladder to do it, and having to constantly move the ladder. We got the old board down, and the new treated one screwed up in place. We took out the 4x4, and we were done by 11.15 am. The gutters still need to be screwed back on, but it was so hot and humid that we had had enough.

The clear space you see between the pergula and the RVport roof is a clear panel. This RVport is 42 feet long, so there are clear panels here and there, for light. Because of the angle of the lots, it is 14' wide at the back and 10' at the front, with 8' wide carport on the left of it, and a store room at the rear. I can back the TranStar out of the RVport just like I know what I am doing, but I have tried to back it in, and it just isn't as easy. There is a fence all along the house side of the RVport, and there is a paved walkway between it and the house, for any dogs that are here to get into the back yard from my front door. The grooming room and the living room both have glass doors into a hall, and people's dogs never have to come into my living area.

Yesterday, they were paving the road behind my house. Unfortunately, a car was going by right when I took the picture of Bobcat sitting in my bathroom window, watching the roller roll the new asphalt. She loves to sit there and watch the traffic going by, but this was something new for her.

Now it is a rainy day.

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