Friday, August 8, 2008

Re-striping the Class B

Before all this storm scare started, Ray and I had removed the top striping on the Class B. It had got old and ratty looking.

I had managed to get to Tasco (pin striping place) yesterday while I was in Conroe, and they could order 150 feet of this 3/4" wide burgundy, for a price, but I didn't need that much. I was already prepared for that, and I had bought several different burgundy spray paints. This one matched perfectly.

Today, Ray and I made a scaffold with two ladders and some long 2 x 6's across them. I taped off all but where the stripe goes using another piece of tape as a straight guide line. Then we got the newspaper taped up to protect the rest of it.

Here is Ray painting it.

Here it is !

I think a successful day.


Sandra said...

Looks great, Penny. You're such a whiz with this stuff! Glad you survived the storm! I never get to talk to you anymore on chat as I leave too early. Bummer!

Leno said...

Great job Penny. You do good work!