Sunday, August 10, 2008

Installed board. Painted rear of Hilo

We started out this morning, by screwing the 2x8x10 board up in the RVport. We braced everything up with a long 4x4, and had two ladders, Ray on one, and Jay on the other, and I was 'gopher', (go for this, go for that). Jay didn't want to take the old board down right now, so this one is screwed to the inside of the post, to give the roof support, and we will take the old board down off the outside of the post when the weather is cooler. The metal roof, and gutters are attached to it, so it will be a job to do in about October. The only reason the old band-board failed is that it is the only one that wasn't treated lumber in the whole structure.

I took Jay home, and when I got back I taped up the left rear side of the HiLo. Ray primed and painted it that side of the window, and we will do the other side another day.

I went to take a picture and my camera wouldn't work, even with new batteries, I hope it hasn't bitten the dust after 3 years.

We didn't do the stripe on the other side of the Class B, either. The folks that want the Class B are coming back with their Volvo wagon that they want to trade. That striping job is something that needs to be done precisely and not rushed.

I had been doing a lot of research on what their Volvo was worth, and I had come to the decision as to how much cash they would have to come up with to get the Class B, OR just trade for the Little Van. I went to start the Little Van, it has been sitting for a while, and people had been playing with the power sofa/bed in it, and the battery was dead. So I strung a cord and battery charger out to it. That fixed that.

They arrived, so I drove the Volvo. I took them down to the lake and around the subdivision. It has some problems, like engine light staying on, a year older than what they said, more miles than they said, leather seats showed wear. There were places on the body that needed attention, like stuff broken under the front bumper. I think where a fog light is supposed to be or something. Front end was making bumping noises, but not a CV joint noise. On top of that, it was lower down than my other Volvo wagon which was rear wheel drive, as this is front wheel drive. Very difficult for me to get out of. Nice, but not really want I want, and I would have to do things to it, to sell it.

They didn't want the Little Van, and I didn't really want the Volvo.

Another day.

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