Thursday, August 21, 2008

Getting Stuff Ready for Showing, Then More Rain.

Jay's mother and neighbor are out of town, gambling again, so his little doggie, Muffie, arrived at 7.30 am, and then I picked up Jay and Mae-Mae. I am supposed to groom the dogs, if I have time.

A lady named Nell had been emailing me for a week or so now about a solid wooden oak door I have for sale. She has been trying to come to see it whenever we quit having these sudden torrential downpours. Then she asked me if I had a 36" storm door, which I do. Then she asked if I had an electric stove and a dryer for her neighbors. Which I do. She was going to come to look at it all at 2.00 pm.

The wooden door is in the back of my RVport, so I backed out the pick-up and TranStar so we could get at it. Then Jay and I got the stove and dryer out of the storage room, and dragged out the storm doors from the side storage. I had a new belt for the dryer, and we struggled trying to put that on for a while, and then got Ray involved too. The belt they had sold me was the wrong size. I finally found the right one on Sears' site. Ray and I hooked up the electric stove and one burner was out. One side of the wooden door looked ratty from being stored for so long, and so Ray brushed a coat of poly/stain over it, and cleaned up the little window with the wrought iron over it. Jay washed the storm doors, those were the only things that didn't need anything else done to them.

I put Jay's jumbo shrimp on skewers and broiled them on a rack over a foil lined pan in the toaster oven. It is easier to turn them over when they are on skewers. I sprinkled them with lemon juice, lemon pepper, non-fat spray margarine, parsley and Chef Paul Prudhomme's Seafood Magic, and we had veges on the side. Jay likes to eat here when is mother is away. Jay put on more Seafood Magic and made it too spicy for me ! But even the sauce in the bottom of the pan was good drizzled over the shrimp. So, no mess in the kitchen, just a rack and some skewers to wash.

Nell had called to say it was too rainy today !

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Joe and Sherri said...

Sounds good to me. Too bad you passed up some good ice cream last night. I had to eat your bowl and Dee's. Oh well it was worth it.

Joe and Sherri