Monday, September 1, 2008

Pressure dropping.Painted Fence. PUGSY'S HOME

The first one I took early this morning, and the second about 4.00pm this afternoon. It feels different outside, too.

I took Shay down to Jay's mother's house, as it is her day to clean there. Jay was going to be there to help her move some furnititure, so they could clean behind it. I picked up MaeMae so that I could groom her. I cannot groom her if Jay is here, as she will not hold still.

Ray and I tried to fix the hose on the pressure washer, but when we tested it, it came apart again, twice. It sounded different too, maybe it is making too much pressure ? I guess I have to buy a new one.

I can still see boards that I need to replace on the fence, but I am not going to drive to the next town with this weather thing going
on. The trees are starting to sway in the wind, and the sky is getting dark.

While Ray was painting the fence, I groomed little old MaeMae.

This afternoon while I was trying to work, there was a loud banging on my door, and the door bell clanging, and it was my son returning my vintage motor home, "Pugsy". It got nicknamed Pugsy, as it used to have big eyelashes over the headlights, and a curly Q antenna on the top rear, and looked like a pug dog. I don't know what has happened to the front bumper it wasn't like that when he took it.
He had borrowed it a couple of years ago to use as a spare bedroom. I used to drive it to work in 1995. But I haven't driven it much since then, as the brake pedal and accelerator have the steering column in between them, and I can't use my left leg for the brakes any more. It is all fiberglass, and so doesn't leak. It is a 19' 1968 Venture Class A made in Banning, CA.

An eventful day.

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