Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fixed Genny. Then Sold Class B.

The TranStar, B+, was in the way, as it had been backed out of the RVport for Nell to get the door yesterday. So Jay and I quickly put the new piece of fuel line on the generator. The genny will start, but I am looking for a new fuel filter for it. I know it will run better then. It still isn't up to par. Got it back in the RVport, and the truck behind it. Now we don't have to walk around them.

Then Jay mowed as it wasn't raining. But that didn't last long, it poured shortly after that.

A couple came to look at the Class B, and it was one of the few times that someone didn't want to tear out the new entertainment center and put a bed back in the top. Or say that it was too big, or too small. They really liked it, drove it, and of course as with all buyers, they nit-picked and offered me a lot less that what it is worth. But the way things are NOT selling right now, I thought I had better take it. I am sick and tired of it being here, so I accepted their offer and they drove it away. I just hope it isn't "funny money" !!

One thing accomplished today.

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Joe and Sherri said...

Well good for you Penny. I guess you are glad to get her sold. I too hope the money is good LOL

Joe and Sherri