Saturday, August 2, 2008

Debken on Ha'penny Bridge. HiLo Final Paint.

Here is Debbie Kendall on the Ha'penny Bridge, Dublin. She used to work on cruise ships, so she has been all over the world. The sights she must have seen. Now she and her husband Rod fulltime in their lovely 5er (Fifth Wheel Trailer) traveling this great beautiful USA.

Here are the pictures of the final coat of paint on the two sides of the HiLo. There were a couple of places that had to be done over on the passenger side, so I quickly taped them up and Ray sprayed them.

Now we just have to do a couple of places on the rear.

It is Adoption Day today, so I will be going to the next town,
so I can pick up some more Zinc Chromate Primer.

With this cyber war going on between Blogspot and IE, I had to do this through Firefox. Now I remember why I don't use it unless I have to. I am lost without my AOL 'carousel', where I have places stored that I need to go to quickly, with their icons chosen by me.
Then I miss the little red heart that is on each web page that I can click on and send that whole item in an email, IM, or Favorite Places.
It must be an AOL thing. I use that little red heart to send myself items all the time, and then store those items in folders on AOL Email Storage. I try not to keep much in this machine, as it did a nose dive once before. That way important stuff can't go down with the ship.

I hope my foster kitties get adopted today.

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Debbie and Rod said...

Thanks Penny. Can you believe it's sunny there in Dublin?