Thursday, August 7, 2008

Shopped Till We Dropped

I needed to get some lumber to replace a beam in the RVport, and some other things, so I knew I had to go to Conroe today, and Jay wanted to go with me. He wanted to go thrift shopping, and I hadn't done that for a while so off we went. We went to our town to go to a little Mom and Pop grocery and hardware store there. I can get paint thinner, denatured alcohol and lots of other things there for half the price that they are at Lowes and HD. They also sell cigarettes cheaper, so Jay wanted to stop there anyway. Three more stops in our town and then off to the bigger City of Conroe.

It started out being a nice day not too hot, and not much humidity, but golly, did that change. We didn't get started until 10.00 am, and by the time 1.00 pm came, it was stifling hot outside. Each time we stopped we put the sunshade up inside the windshield to keep the heat out, and would start the AC and cool down the truck before removing it. The windshield would be so hot, that you couldn't touch it. I even remarked that I need to bring the vinyl windshield cover to the MH to keep the heat off from the outside at each stop. August in TX, no wonder I like winter here, and always wanted to be a "sun-bird".

There are seven thrift shops in the area where we go, and we only went to five. Jay got some Aztek pattern pillows for his new couch, an Aztek pattern Drylon shower curtain, and some other stuff. I got several doggie, (or kitty blankets), a container the right size to go in the slot where we keep the used, but still good, sandpaper, a white sleeveless summer dress and a small color 110v TV. I have my 110v/12v. TV in the kitchen and I have to move it into the RV, so now it can stay in the RV. Jay had eaten some meat that wasn't cooked to the proper temperature the night before, and he wasn't feeling too chipper. But he had also eaten some raw jalapenos, and everyone says don't eat them raw right now with that salmonella scare. He thought that if he ate he would feel better, and so we stopped at Taco Cabana and had a late lunch. By then we just felt like it was just too hot to go into a store and come back out to a hot vehicle, so we just came home. We both had been on our feet for quite a while. So we skipped two thrift shops, Lowes, and WalMart. No lumber, I still didn't get everything I needed, and didn't get home until 3.00pm. Another day when I should have worn my pedometer.

Really just a goof off day.


Joe and Sherri said...

Well don't feel alone! It has been so hot here and the power went out at the RV park three times yesterday but luckly came back on in minutes. Sherri could not have taken the heat if it had not come back on!


LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Ah ! That is where a generator is an essential.
I originally bought this Class B so that I could leave the genny and the roof air on so that it wouldn't be so hot on my return, or if I had critters with me. I used to drive Class B's all the time as my daily drivers. But I hadn't reckoned on my knees getting as old as I am. So now I am looking for an RV that is lower down.
Good thing yours wasn't off for long. Thanks for your comment. Penny