Friday, August 1, 2008

Ha'penny Bridge. Final Coats of Paint on HiLo

Last night, Deb of "Keeping up with The Kendalls", was in the RV-Dreams chat room, and she mentioned the Ha'penny Bridge in Dublin, and sent me a picture of her on the bridge. She sent it as an attachment, and I don't know how to get it out of my download manager, and into 'My Pictures', so I can't show it to you. So I did a search and came up with these pictures of the Ha'Penny Bridge. It was a toll bridge and the toll was a half penny.
There is even a Ha'Penny Bridge Pub in Boise, Idaho.
Here is a picture of the inside of it

Well, as a "Texan with a British Passport", I am all too familiar with the terms 'ha'penny', (half a penny), 'farthing' (quarter of a penny) , 'tuppence' (two pennies), 'thruppence' (3 pennies), 'shilling' (used to be 12 pennies), 'bob', (slang for a shilling), 'dollar' (slang for 5 shillings), 'quid', (slang for one pound, used to be 20 shillings to a pound), guinea (21 shillings). Since I left England in 1963, the money went metric, and now they have Euros. But when I went to school it was like adding up feet and inches here. 12 pennies made a shilling, 20 shillings made a pound. I am sure that once they got used to it, the Brits were a lot happier adding up money when it went metric.
Just like it is so much easier to add up centimeters and meters, instead of feet and inches.

We got the final coats of paint on the HiLo, but you have enough pictures for today.

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Joe and Sherri said...

That is so interesting Penny. Thanks for sharing that with us. It is cool to learn new things about different countrys