Monday, August 11, 2008

More Cleaning Up From The Storm, and Shopping.

The truck has a power steering leak and as it goes into the shop tomorrow, I thought I had better get a few things that I needed. Never know when you will get your vehicle back. Jay went with me as he wanted to eat at Sonic, and then we went to Krogers.

I bought more batteries for my camera, and it still didn't work. So I sprayed the contacts with dilectric grease, then it worked. Second time that stuff has saved the day this week. First time was when the fan wouldn't work on the Class B dash air conditioning, but fuse was good. Sprayed it, and voila, now it works, too. When in doubt, spray it with dilectic grease !

It wasn't windy, and so Ray cleaned up some more pine needles and branches, and was able to light the big burn pile and start burning them. He strung a water hose out there first, house rules. When I got back, the front was just about raked, so I started in the back yards and I raked some more into piles. The fire was already big enough, so we spread it, watered it down and let it smolder. It was just getting too darned hot out there, even though the back yards are on the north side, so they are mostly shaded by the house, guest house, and RVport.

A bonfire day.

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