Sunday, August 3, 2008


I am sitting here in the near dark, the power is out, writing this on my laptop, with a little battery light clipped on the top of the screen. I have my battery powered TV going, and I can cook as my stove top is propane. Thank goodness I put a new tank on last week. I got the box of different size new batteries for flashlights out of the workshop. I don't like to use candles as the cats could knock them over and start a fire. I got what I call my 'gas' coffee maker out of the RV and I am all set.

I know this laptop battery won't last too long, so I had better get off here. 4.15 PM

Update: The storm has gone by, and it is lighter in the house now. The power company doesn't know when the power will be back on. 5:30 PM

Another Update: Finally got the power on at 6.30, but now the broadband and TV cable is out, so I am on dial-up, and using the little battery TV on 110v now, and just getting the channels I can get "by air". I have the laptop plugged in and charging, as the power might go out again. I can hear thunder in the distance. But at least the AC and water is on now, and I am back on my desk top ! 7.00 PM

When that storm was going through, as dark as it was outside, I could still see some pine trees were really bending over. I was afraid one of them was going to drop in my yard. There are pine needles everywhere that blew off house's roofs, and the streets are littered with branches and twigs. And Eduard hasn't got here yet ! 8.00 PM

A really stormy day.

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