Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Groomed, Gunked and Raked.

Today I picked up Mikey for grooming on my way to pick up Jay. I didn't know if Jay would be ready, and I wanted to pick up Mikey on time, as his "Dad" has had a stroke and he likes things to be predictable.
Don't we all, stroke or no stroke ?

Here are some before and after pictures.

Mikey is a very energetic dog, and his "Dad" likes him really short. Mikey will go straight to rolling in the dirt to wash off the "clean".

Now that my camera is working again, here is the first side of the rear of the HiLo painted. I took the round tail light off.

While I was grooming Mikey, Jay sprayed Gunk engine cleaner in the truck engine compartment, so that the mechanic could find the power steering leak. Even the valve covers and everything was grubby, and it all needed cleaning, except the few things that we taped plastic bags over, like the air breather, coil, distributor.

Then Jay raked up some more of the pine needles and bits of branches, and took them to the burn pile. I didn't want him to light it as there was a wind coming up.

It was very oppressive, like it was going to rain, and it did. Quite a shower.

Jay had brought some filet mignon with him to cook here. The stove in his house is not hooked up yet, and he is "throwed out" of his mother's house next door to his house, right now. He cut it up in small strips like a stir fry with some onions and things. I made him clean up his mess.

We took the truck down the street to the mechanics when the rain stopped, and he brought it back a short while later. It was so clean that I am going to have to drive it some more, to make the position of leak show up.

My Mikey-fix day.

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