Thursday, August 28, 2008

Phones. Tidied Carport. Weed-Eated Bridge.

First thing was to get the new phone mounted on the wall, and find a place for it's twin. Now I could carry it around in my little pouch while we worked outside. If I just clip it to me it would get turned on accidentally or would get scratched or lost.

Years ago, Jay and I had to bridge a ditch at the entrance to my side lot. Because of the shape of the lots I only have 16 feet width for a driveway on to that lot, and because of his mudhole my neighbor would park the arce end of his SUV in my way. I couldn't get anything in or out because of the ditch there. Everytime I had to move my 36' Airstream motorhome I would have to go knock on his door and ask him to move his SUV. We got tired of that so we put in a culvert, filled it up with rock, rebar, welded wire and cement. We are holding it all together with some landscape timbers. Since then my neighbor has built a carport and filled in his mudhole, but the "bridge" still has to be 'Weed-Eaten'. Temporarily, we have a burn pile there right of it, as we had to clean up from the storm. It takes a lot of water hose when we burn, and a lot of cord for my electric weed-eater. Now we may have more storms coming. We got as much as we could done today, as the Weed-eater ran out of line. Our cement has grass trying to grow on it now.

We unloaded the truck, and put the dryer and stove in the storage area in front of Puddle Jumper's (my little station wagon) carport. I will order a belt for the dryer from Sears, and get it advertised.

While we were at it we tidied up the area, and took a lot of things upstairs over the storeroom. As you can see, it is a big area, out of the weather, and there is a lot of yard sale stuff stored up there in another area off to the left, and RV parts to the right. The right side it is carpeted, as you have to go on your hands and knees !!

A catch-up day.

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