Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Yard Cleaning after the Storm

We finally assumed that all was over with Hurricane Eduard, so Ray, Jay and I started the big clean up. Jay was bored and wanted something to do. As he is the one that always cleaned the roofs of the guest house and the RV ports, and he was sober, I let him do it. Jay and my late Johnnie had built them many years ago, and Jay thinks that he is the only one that knows where to step up there.

The gutters were a mess, Jay hadn't been up there for a while. As he cleaned them out the old dirt and black, old, ground up pine needles splattered my white house, so we had to hose that down, too.
Jay got all the pine needles off the roof that hadn't blown off the other day, and all three of us just got the front yard of the first lot raked up into a pile. Two more lots, and the back yards still to do !

For me, an Aleve Day.

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Joe and Sherri said...

Well no damage...that is good.