Monday, August 25, 2008

Lake Palestine. Truck Trek to Tyler, TX.

Try saying that title six times !!!

It had been bothering me all weekend that they partially paid for the Class B with a check. They weren't supposed to take the signed title with them, but when I gathered up all the papers off the table, it wasn't there. My knees and hip were bothering me so much from climbing in and out if the Class B, that I wasn't thinking straight. Their bank, near Tyler, doesn't have an in-store branch, so there was nothing I could do over the weekend. I called my bank and there was no way that they could put a hold on their account. I knew I would be on pins and needles for days waiting to know if the check had cleared. So I thought I would just go cash it, and save myself some stress and worry.

The weather was good, and Jay wanted to go on a road trip, he was feeling like his old sober self again, so we decided to go to their bank. I printed out the directions to the bank, and also from there to their house, in case I had some kind of a problem with the check. I asked Ray to keep an eye on Bobcat, and feed her tonight, if I was delayed. She would be quite alright in the house, and he has a key. I checked all the fluids in the truck. I took my new little ditty bag on wheels with a few necessities in it, in case I got stranded somewhere.

Jay packed some sandwiches and cold soft drinks in the cooler and off we went. The truck ran fine, cruise control set at 65 MPH a lot of the way. After we got off the freeway at Buffalo, we went through some quaint little communities and towns with names like Pert, Dogwood, Coffee City, Noonday, Tucker and more. We crossed Lake Palestine, and it looked beautiful, a lot like Lake Conroe.


I saw some gas for $3.31, and I remarked, "That is where we are going to fill up on the way back". Against my rules, we didn't stop on the way, but went straight to their bank. Fortunately there was no trouble with the check, so I bought a cashier's check there, so I would be carrying thousands of dollars in cash.

We looked for the $3.31 gas station again, and didn't find it. We meant to stop in Tyler to eat, but didn't stop until we got back to Buffalo and ate at the Longhorn BBQ. There was another name brand BBQ place almost next door with no cars, but this one had several outside, so we figured it must be better. Jay had chopped brisket, but he didn't like the seasoning. I wasn't going to take a chance, so just had salad bar, anyway we had already eaten the sandwiches, so I wasn't that hungry.

Just an easy 358 mile drive in the country today, looking at the scenery. I know one thing, that little truck of mine is a lot nicer to drive than that Class B. Maybe I will get a little pop-up slide in camper for it, or a little Casita type trailer.

A traveling day.

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Joe and Sherri said...

Well I am so glad that it worked out for you. Had a nice little trip too. I have been through Buffalo many times on the way to Houston but never stopped and ate.

Joe and Sherri