Wednesday, August 13, 2008

No Work Today. Shopping, then Bacon.

I picked Jay up, and I stopped to put Revolution on the back of Mikey's neck, on the way back. It will stop him from having fleas, ticks, heartworm, earmites, mange, etc. It has to be applied the day after a bath, or two hours before. His "Dad", Sam, isn't able to go anywhere to buy anything, as you can hardly understand him since his stroke, so I get it for him. Sam also has two playmates for energetic Mikey, two white and orange young cats. Sam found them when they were really tiny kittens. He got it across to me that he wants me to arrange to get them neutered. But first they will have to be vaccinated. So I have to remember to get that done.

Ray wasn't going to be here today, and I knew that I would have to go to the next town in the next couple of days, so Jay and I went today. I bought some good strong deck screws for treated lumber at the Mom & Pop store in our town, when Jay went in there to get his cigarettes. So much stuff is cheaper there.

We went to a couple of thrift shops in the next town, and Jay bought a bunch of work T-shirts, and some work jeans. He was also looking for something in an Aztak pattern to put over the back of his plain beige sofa. We found a pillow sham, and when unpicked and hemmed will give his couch some color.

I bought a new-looking blue, red and yellow little suitcase with a pull-out handle, and wheels for $2. 20"x12"x8". I know it will come in handy as I am getting older. Even the "ditty bag" that I keep packed down with toiletries, spare clothes, first aid kit, binoculars, flashlights, batteries, Bobcat's harness and leash, etc. is getting heavy to carry to the rig. This has several pockets and compartments in it, which I like, as I like to keep things in "departments", just like my workshop and purse ! I must have been a filing clerk in a former life. It will be my "72-hour kit" in case of emergencies. I got another cart on wheels for moving stuff around here. Also I found a couple of little wicker ducks for my duck-shaped basket collection.

We took my 110v/12v. TV to Radio shack to buy an end to a 12v. cord that I had, that would fit the TV. They didn't have one, and suggested that I buy an 75 watt inverter from them. ($30) Not much sense in having a 12v. TV ! They looked in their parts list for a 12v. cord for this Magnavox, and didn't find one. So I will have to research that some more. I have a 300 watt inverter, but I would rather use the two 110v. outlets on it for other things. Like my laptop, and maybe a printer.

Then we went to Lowes and I bought another 2x8x10 treated board. I need to get this RVport fixed before Fall, as I never know if Jay will be around then. He could pull another wing-dinger, and wind up in jail before the roof gets fixed. It has happened before.

Jay had brought some bacon to my house, and wanted to cook it in the little toaster oven, as he knows he makes a splattery mess when he fries anything. He hasn't learned that you have to turn the heat down ! So I covered a baking pan with foil, and we put the bacon on a rack in the little oven. There was way too much bacon to fit on it, so I fried the rest with a bacon weight on it and a splatter screen in an iron skillet. There was a big difference in the taste of the two. I would have thought that the oven baked would taste better than the pan fried. But it didn't. I know I don't like the taste when it is done in the microwave. We were making BLT's, but the "L" would be baby spinach, as I usually get that, as it is more nutritious than lettuce. Then I can always cook it in a quiche or with some other vegetables, which I wouldn't want to do with lettuce.

Finally, I bought a new Windows XP Pro SP2 with COA, in English, from someone a British relative of mine knows in Germany. It was a lot cheaper than the ones for sale here in the US. That should straighten out this computer. This one doesn't have the SP2, and can't be upgraded. I know, I know, I was told there will be no more support with the XP after next year. But by that time, I will probably have a newer computer, and have Vista.

In the evening I paid some bills, so it was a money recirculating day.

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