Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Phyllis' Place in Yuma, AZ. Pressure Washing Again.

In the RV-Dreams chat room last night we were talking about Phyllis and Bob's place in AZ.

Here it is:

From left to right:
Bob, Phyllis, Russ (RCooper) and Sandy.

More later.

Today, Jay and I attacked my little back yard that is on the front of the subdivision, along the road. My lots are in a pie shape, narrow at the front, so to get the width of the house, and still allow for the easements, it was built 10-15' off the road. Most of my space is in my front yard.

The fence is supposed to be maintained by the Property Owner's Association. I have replaced boards at my own expense numerous times, and painted it twice, but they supplied the cheap paint. Now the POA says that they are going to repair and paint the whole fence. That will be the day ! The subdivision is 169 acre corner tract on Lake Conroe, and the fence is on two road sides, so there is a lot of fence. We pressure washed my 120+ feet of it today, and the back of my house, as all this rain and the trees had everything green with algae. No, not green with envy. The pressure washer hose gave us some trouble for the first time. I guess I will be painting the fence again, while I wait for them to do it.

The hedge is my addition, as it cuts down on the north wind, and traffic noise from the road. Also stops boarded dogs from trying to climb the fence. There is wire fencing stapled to it on the inside. The two windows on the left are my bathroom, and the right one is my grooming room, which also has two more windows on the side. The grooming room and it's little bathroom are a separate part of the house, even though it is all under one roof. Gee, my pretty blue shingles have got grubby under these trees. But I would hate to be without the trees.

A pressure washing day.

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