Saturday, August 30, 2008

Getting Ready for Gustav. Primed the fence.

One of the items I bought yesterday at a thrift shop was this barometer, 50 cents. I thought it might tell me when the barometric pressure changed, and if we were going to have storms out of Gustav. It hasn't moved yet, maybe it doesn't work ??
I am 100 miles north of the western edge of the red line. I am not good at it, but I put a little blue splotch about where I am on the white part of the hurricane's projected path. If it veres westerly we could get a lot of high winds, and torrential rain.

I picked up Jay, and he went up on the big metal roof of the RVport, and storage area. I had a bucket ready with cordless drill, washered roof screws, hammer, and little patches of Eternabond already peeled and stuck to the outside of the bucket. He pulled it up on the roof on a rope. He screwed down any places that looked like they might need it, and I was underneath looking for any old nail holes. Some of this metal roofing was re-used from my old carport that drowned, with my house, the other side of town in the flood of 94.

I was trying to direct him from below: .... " Over the truck, eight ridges past the second skylight, and six inches up from the cross beam near Ray's" type directions. Apparently, you can't see the nail holes when you are up on the roof. He would clean the area with some lacquer thinner, and stick a little Eternabond patch on it. It got hot up there on that roof, and we didn't get it all done, and my neck was in a spasm, and my back hurt from looking up all the time. So I took him home.

While I was trying to direct Jay to the holes, cutting, peeling the little patches, and sending up more stuck on buckets, Ray started priming the outside of the subdivision's fence. It borders two sides of my property. Not all of it had got pressure washed the other day, as the pressure washer hose had come undone. I have more parts to fix it, and.....

Tomorrow is another day.

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