Saturday, August 16, 2008

Didn't Need Windshield Shade Today !

We weren't working on anything today. Jay was helping his mother, and Ray was helping his father-in-law.

Today was Adoption Day again. My young cats, Minkie and Kashy are really wearing my old back out. I asked my SPCA boss if she could take them for a while. She said yes, if two of her foster cats got adopted today. Bobcat is not doing well with them here. She gets into their food, as well as her own prescription diet, and it upsets her tummy. Minky often knocks things down, and I have to bend over and pick stuff up. I have to find out where Kashy is and crawl on my hands and knees to look for her in her 'sanctuary' under my bed. Then there is the stooping for the box cleaning, and it seems that I am getting more sore every day from all the bending over. But I can still touch my toes, I just need a crane to get me back up !

As I had the morning off, I actually got to read the RVNewsletter that arrives in my email on Saturdays, on a Saturday ! I spent some time listing things on eBay and Craigslist until it was time to take them. I got Kashy loaded in a little soft-sided carrier that I have. Getting both regular carriers full of cat, in and out of the truck, was hurting my back. I took Minkie, who is a bit larger, in Kenya's carrier that was used for Kashy to get here, so I had to return that.

After getting my little cats settled in at Petco, and I went to do a couple of errands while I was in Conroe. I knew not to go to Wal*Mart as it is tax-free day for school clothes. It was overcast, and suddenly it started to really rain. The kind where the drains can't keep the lakes off the sides of the roads. Some cocky drivers were splashing through the high water, and drowning out their distributors. I had an umbrella with me, but I still got soaked to the skin. The bags of groceries got all wet. I was worried that this much rain would bring high water to the road going to my house. It is on the highest point around, as I lost everything in the Flood of October 94, so I moved to higher ground, but the road to it does flood. I didn't even come home on the freeway, as when it rains it often has wrecks, and traffic tie-ups. I came north old State Hiway 75, and had to turn my wipers off....It hadn't even rained in my town. Oh, well the truck got a good rinse.

After changing into some dry clothes, I took a nap while I waited for Kenya to call me to let me know if she was taking my furbabies to her place. She did take them, so Bobcat and I will feel a lot better, even though we will miss them.

Not a dog-gone day, a cat-gone day.

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