Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mostly Just Shopping.

Jay and I loaded the Kenmore apartment size 220 volt dryer, and the little stove in the back of the truck, and took off for Conroe. This little Princess 110 volt stove by Seaward came out of a cabin cruiser, and it might be nice for a boat owner or hunter to have. These boat stoves cost over $1000 new. We were going to take them over a repair place in Cut-N-Shoot, TX. Mark, the owner of the store, went to different trade schools to learn how to fix any appliance, and I have known him, and his parents, for many years. As the stove is 110v. he didn't have easy access to parts for it. I will have to get in touch with Seaward. He thinks that it is the switch for the burner that is out. He didn't have the right size belt for the dryer either, so I guess I will get one from Sears. I have the number off the broken belt, and it is in stock. If we don't want to fool with putting it on, he will do it for me. I used that dryer for 7 years, and it was always a good one. I have the shelf so that it can be put over a washer, so it is a great space saver.

We also went to some thrift shops. At the first one I got 8 new CDs for my computer for 50 cents each, and a 50 cent little rectanglar bucket for the RV. I like square things as they seem to take up less space, or at least pack easier. I also got one of those little stoves that run on a 1 lb gas bottle in a little case, $10, handy for use on a picnic table. Jay got a nice shirt, and some wooden curtain rings for his wooden drapery rods. Next thrift shop I got three mugs, and a black leather purse. Jay got another shirt and a big bag of wire nuts. When we stopped at the Budget Chopper grocery store, because we were looking for a restroom, they were putting out a whole mess of stuff on a bargain table for $1.00 each. I latched on to a lot of stuff, including a big spray can of Lysol. I use that a lot.

We crossed the road and went to Radio Shack, as my old little tiny cordless house phone that I carry in a little holder on my belt, was on the blink. I never know if I am going to be up in the guest house attic, storeroom attic, working in the front or back, so I carry it with me. I have looked for another little phone that size for ages. Radio Shack man put a new battery in it, and it was $19. They were $9 just a few months ago. I looked at the display of cordless phone batteries as I couldn't believe they had gone up that much. And there it was !! A new little 1-3/4 " x 5" phone that would fit in my little phone holder. Better yet.... it is twins, two little phones, two chargers, and it was on sale. He took back my battery, and I got the phones. I have them charging now.

Jay had a coupon for the Kolache Factory, so we found it, and got some. They were too "bready", and only had little tiny cocktail sausage inside. I don't know how they got to be such a big franchise, as we won't go there again.

Next thrift shop was having a sale on clothes. I got some navy shorts with the new label still intact, 50 cents, and some jeans, $1.50. Jay got another Azteck pillow sham. Fourth thrift shop I got one more duck basket, more jeans, and Jay got a ceramic cube heater for $5.

Just a shopping day.


Jenny Johnson said...

I have one of those little stoves penny I love is great --you have got to be the busiest person i know

Joe and Sherri said...

Dotto...Jenny...Did you buy me something??