Thursday, July 31, 2008

More HiLo Painting. "Un-smart"

Ray had already applied several light coats of paint in the first picture. He is really good at this, and it looks good. I had bought several different types of paint while I was at Lowes. Krylon, Rustoleum, and Industrial Rustoleum. We tried out the different kinds to see which would shine the most, or spray the best. The only thing we really found out is that the Industrial Rustoleum cans seem to spray more paint than the regular Rustoleum cans of the same size, so maybe the extra dollar is worth it. Might even wear better. Getting down to the final coats of paint now.

We had got another late start, so we didn't get much done.

Now the lady who didn't change her address on eBay or PayPal, so that my poor plants went to her old address, is going to blame it on PayPal, and try to get her money back from them. She must have moved quite a while ago, as the plants came back with a sticker saying "Forward Time Expired, Return To Sender". So I sent her the receipt # and info, but I don't think that their Buyer Protection Plan covers 'unsmart'.

Another hot day.

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