Monday, March 31, 2008

More Ent.Center. Hunting a WetVac. Rainbow Bridge.

Still great weather, not too hot and not cold.
Jay and I worked on the entertain-ment center today, and you will be able to see what we were trying to do when we get it all together. This is the padded stand where the TV/VCR will be. The top shelf is for a DVD, and there is a board across the back of it, so that stuff can't fall behind the TV. The board that goes across the front of the DVD shelf can't be put in yet, as it holds the TV in place, too. It will be screwed, and the wooden buttons put over the screws. So that the TV/VCR can be taken out easily. We will hook up the coax cable and 12 v. connections before we put the TV in there, and we have a slot for them to come out on the left side where the 110v. and 12v. outlets are inside the cabinet. The coax cable will go through on the right, though the wall, to the outside coax connection. There is already a 12v. outlet and coax connection, but it is over the sink, and I wouldn't want to have a TV cluttering up the already small kitchen.

Ray polyed these oak parts in the B, and a few finishing touches on the Little Van, and then Jay and I went to Conroe.

We went to all the thrift shops that were open on Mondays, as he was looking for a little Wet/Dry Vac. He wanted one so small that it would be easy to take up a ladder, as he had some ceiling cleaning to do at the Cleveland job tomorrow.

As he didn't find one like he wanted, even at Lowes, we wound up at WallyWorld and got one there. The really little ones, one gallon, are really handy to have in an RV, as they will suck your space bags full of extra pillows, clothing, blankets, down to nothing, and you can get the accessories to use it for cleaning the floor, etc, too. IF, rather, WHEN you get a water leak they are invaluable.

"Tom Gray" is gone. The poor sick stray has disappeared,
and we know that he has gone to Rainbow Bridge.

It was a tiring day.

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Anonymous said...

Work so far look great. You all really have a touch for this type of reconstruction and remodeling! Keep up the good work